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Danville Area Community College

Course: English 101 Rhetoric and Composition I 3 hours

Instructor: Mike Pemberton

Home phone: (217) 283-4045 (no calls after 9 p.m. please)

Texts: Course Packet (available in the DACC bookstore)

A flash drive
A DACC Email Account


Course Description

Class Rules:

  1. Please plan on the following:

    1. You will write a minimum of 8 out-of-class papers. Each paper will be counted as one letter grade and will have equal value with all other out-of-class papers. In general, if you did not turn in a paper, it would be counted as a zero and would lower your average about 1.5 letter grades. All papers written outside of class after mid-term will count twice as much.


    3. You may be assigned several (3-10) in-class writing assignments which will be graded and will receive half the value of the out-of-class papers. If you are absent when these are written, you will not have the opportunity to make them up unless you have notified me prior to class that you will be absent.

  2. You must complete a proficiency exam. Some of the details of this proficiency paper are explained in your course pack. We will discuss during the semester.

  3. Attendance is necessary to do well in any college level class. Poor attendance may result in a point reduction or the lowering of a grade. I reserve the right to drop you from the class if you miss two consecutive papers. You should plan on missing not more than one class. That is the equivalent of one full week of daytime class. Since all papers are due in class on an assigned date and we will have papers written in class, a few zeroes would lower your average approximately 2 letter grades and make it difficult for you to pass.  

    If you plan not to complete the class, do the responsible thing: DROP THE CLASS.

    When you miss class, you make extra work for you and me. If your absence is legitimate (personal illness, family EMERGENCY), then I will do whatever extra work is required; however, if you skip to go to work (let your boss know NOW you are taking an evening class), take a nap (we’d all love to do that, but then there would be no class), or study for another test (plan your schedule NOW), please do not be surprised if I am unwilling to help you catch up.

    Do everyone, including you and your grade point average, a favor: BE IN CLASS!

  4. The final examination will count 10 percent of your overall grade. Review materials will be given out so you will know what topics will be covered.

  5. Membership in the DACC community brings both rights and responsibility. As a student at DACC, you are expected to exhibit conduct compatible with the educational mission of the College. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with and adhere to the Student Conduct Code and the Academic Integrity Policy, as contained in the DACC Student Handbook. The Student Handbook is available in the Information Office in Vermilion Hall.

  6. Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss your specific needs. Students with disabilities should contact the Student Support Services Center (SSSC) to request academic accommodations including alternative testing arrangements, note takers, interpreters, taped/large-print textbooks, and other resources. The SSSC is located on the first floor of Cannon Hall. For more information call (217) 443-8702 (TTY (217) 443-8701). Please note that accommodations cannot be provided until the proper documentation is on file with the SSSC.

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